Spelling Homework
This year your child will have a choice for homework. I am listing different options for spelling homework. We all learn in different ways, so I have tried to incorporate the differnet learning styles in the choices. Your child will have to pick an option for each night, so for the week, from the list below. They do not have to do the same one each week. If you have any question please feel free to ask.

If you want to practice at home.

Assignment Choices
1. Colorful Words-Write each of your words using one color for vowels and another color for consonants.
2. Questions- Create questions using 10 spelling words
3. Classifying- Put your spelling words in groups according to part of speech, nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
4.Pyramid words- Using 10 of our spelling words create a pyramid.
5.Practice - Spell your words out loud to your parents and have them sign the agenda
6. Practice Test - Take a practice test and have parents check and sign it
7. Super Story - Create a fantastic story using 10 spelling words
8. Word Search - Make a word search with all your words you can use puzzlemaker.com.
9. Newspaper - Create a newspaper article using 10 spelling words.
10. Cartoon Strip - Create a cartoon strip using at least 8 spelling words
11. Antonym/ Synonyms - Write an antonym and/or synonym for each word
12. Definitions - Look up 7 words in the dictionary and write their meaning
13. Classify - Create categories and classify your words. Etc.. animals, colors, word endings
14. Computer - Type your words on the computer highlight/change font size and color
15. Graffiti – Write each spelling words a different way. Etc… bold, bubble, squiggly letters
16. Other Handed – Write each spelling words with the opposite hand.
17. Cursive – Write each word neatly in cursive two times.
18. Magazine words – Find each of your spelling words in a magazine and glue them in your book.
19. Spelling Poem – Most spelling words are taught through a common pattern, so it is easy to create poems using your weekly spelling words. You can create free verse, haiku, diamante, limericks, etc… You may also illustrate the poem. (minimum of 7 words)
20. Syllables – Write each of your words and then place a line to divide by syllables. Example won/ der/ ful

There will be no spelling the week of March 26th.

We will be going each style of homework so your child can pick the ones that best fit their learning style. Look in the spelling composition book for the samples.