We are now starting our adventure through Social Studies!

We will first be doing a review of maps. Students will review what a compass rose is and how to use it. The will have to locate and identify the 7 continents and 4 oceans. We will look at the planet as a whole then go smaller to continents, country, state. Then we will start our exploration on Maryland. Here will will look at the Native Americans that were living on the land. Continue on to the first colonists. We will be doing losts of research and exploring in Maryland.

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Information for your child to know:
7 Continents:
North America
South America

Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Artic Ocean

We will be working on Maryland regions. Check this website to learn more.
We will be looking at land regions. Maryland is know as "Little America" due to all the different land forms.
Appalachian, Piedmont, and the Atlantic Coastal Plain are the three regions in Maryland. We will discuss what is found in each of these regions.
We will take a look at the Chesapeake Bay and the importance of it in years past and now. We will look at the different features:Human made, and Natural features of the areas.

Constitution Day September 17th:


Explorers reports:

We are studying Native Americans for our Social Studies unit.
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We are working on creating our Wigwams! Exciting times! They need to be able to withstand a drizzle rain, a down pour and a wind storm. We will be building this week and looking at the weather to see when we can test them.

Our next unit of study is the Colonists. Who were the first people in Maryland? How did they get here? What was their reason for coming? We will be looking at the different explorers and how they help Maryland out.
Journey to a New Life


Science Activity: