Your child is expected to read for 20 min. each night as part of his/her homework. This can be done individually, you can read with your child or they could read to a younger sibling. Ideas for reading: novels, short stories, magazine articles, or comics. It is always good to ask your child when they are finished to tell you what it was about. Just have them give you the "highlights" of what they read.

Please sign their agenda each night so we know they are doing the required reading. It also counts towards their grade.

PARCC Practice Test

We will be taking part in the PARCC test this year. If you would like to view some sample questions or take a practice test click on the link below.

Link to try PARCC assessment:

PARCC Assessment- Practice

Typing Practice

Unit 1

We will be able to answer the Essential Question: What is a journey, who or what take journeys and how can the journeys affect each differently.
We will be reading stories on butterflies, dogs, traveling across the United States and climbing mountains.

We will be doing many kinds of writing. opinions and narratives.

Matt Moniz- 50-50-50 Expedition
Interview with Matt
7 Summits

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Mania
Google Earth Tour
Winter Migration

Boss of the Plains
Article for John B. Stetson

Finding the Titanic
Iditarod Race

Finding the Titanic

Theme 2: Heroes

external image A_Black_and_White_Cartoon_Boy_Holding_a_Stack_Books_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100908-153178-004053.jpg

Lou Gehrig

Kid President

Happy Birthday, Dr. King!
Here is a sample of how we work on an opinion papers.Other sites of interest:

By The Shores of Silver Lake


Salmon Summer

Unit #3 It's Amazing
The Bunyans,-100.371094&msa=0&spn=18.972095,43.286133&mid=z70mPRj0HNmI.kQ-MTc_L1PyM
Eastern Shore Map Mater's Tall Tales Tall Tales

Theme 4: Nature- Friend and Foe
Interview with Smokejumper
Smokejumper School
Everglades National Park
Smokey the Bear

The Volcano at the End of the Earth"

National Geographic Video- "Into the Wild"

Penguin Power

Penguin Information for Research
Smoke Jumpers: